Resetting error reporting level

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Resetting error reporting level

Postby mrfdes » 09. March 2011 02:43

I use a form generating program called Simfatic Forms, which is very good, however, when I try to "upload" a form on localhost I get lots of error messages.
I contacted the programmer, and he answered the following:

Simfatic Forms does not differentiate between local or remote webserver.
Looks like you have 'E_STRICT' enabled, that results in the error.

Try resetting the error reporting level."

How exactly do I do that?
I use XAMPP 1.7.4 on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Thank you.
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Re: Resetting error reporting level

Postby Sharley » 09. March 2011 08:14

Open the \xampp\php\php.ini file in a text editor and find this section about line 463
Code: Select all
; Error handling and logging ;
Do read the comment text that will explain the various levels of error handling.

Make your changes to the defaults to the settings of your choice and then save the file and restart Apache.

You can experiment with these settings including turning them off and logging etc. to see what the differences are. :)
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