MySQL Problem, 1.7.4 - Windows 7.

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MySQL Problem, 1.7.4 - Windows 7.

Postby Nublet » 06. March 2011 22:53

Hello, i downloaded the .zip file of xampp 1.7.4. Im using windows 7.

Apache started, was all fine, and when i started MySQL it said that it was started, and it continues to display as if it was started, HOWEVER when i got to http://localhost/security/ it says that MySQL is either not started, or blocked by a Firewall. I have disabled all my firewalls, so that cant be it.
oh, and when i start xampp control pannel it says: No installer package found, dunno if that has anything to do with it.

Ive spent hours trying to fix this. And this problem only occours on this computer which is running windows 7, on my laptop which runs windows xp it works fine.

What should i do to get MySQL running?
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Re: MySQL Problem, 1.7.4 - Windows 7.

Postby Sharley » 07. March 2011 02:54

Try and remove the tick in the Svc check box in the XAMPP Control Panel.

Or run the \xampp\mysql\mysql_uninstallservice.bat bat file.

Try again to start MySQL.

Most issues with 1.7.4 have been recorded in this topic on the forums:

One solution that seems to work to fix most common issues is to do a clean uninstall of the exe installer version of 1.7.4.
You may find some tips for uninstalling here:

Then download and unpack the zip version to your C:\ drive or the root folder of any drive or partition, then to complete this method simply run the setup_xampp.bat file found in the \xampp\ folder, which will set the paths and configure the installation for you.

Make sure that you don't have another MySQL installation loading when you boot your computer - check Windows Task Manager for mysqld.exe in the Processes tab - kill it if you find one and then try and locate why it is being loaded on boot.

Good luck.
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