A problem with the xampp control panel

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A problem with the xampp control panel

Postby rgeorge » 04. March 2011 22:39

Hi folks,

I have had xampp 1.7.3 installed for some time on my windows 7 64bit machine so that I could learn drupal 1.6. Everything worked perfectly.

This week I decided to install drupal 7 and I discovered that xampp had a new version 1.7.4. I decided to do a clean install of everything so I wiped my computer of drupal and xampp and did a new install of the new versions. I now have xampp 1.7.4.

My problem is that during the xampp install I received a message about some UAC problems with windows 7 and the recommendation to install xampp into c:\xampp which I did. The install went ok and I got the control panel up, started apache and mysql.

Now when I open xampp I get this message
Error status check failure [3] This program must be run from your root directory
. Even if I try to open xampp from my c:\xampp directory I still get this message.

When I try to open the phpmyadmin page using the mysql admin button to the right of the mysql start button it does not work and I can't get to the data base. The apache admin button works fine. I can only get to phpmyadmin from the xampp page that opens from the xampp control panel button next to apache.

Anyone have a suggestion how to get the mysql admin button to work? I have tried changing the UAC, new installs etc. but nothing works.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: A problem with the xampp control panel

Postby Sharley » 04. March 2011 22:48

The Admin... button for MySQL doesn't work in 1.7.4 you have to type http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ manually in your browser.

It is noted in this topic:

Reason is the XAMPP Control Panel in 1.7.4 is very old and the Admin... button in this control panel points to winmysqladmin.exe that was very buggy and is no longer used or included in recent XAMPP versions.
Until this is corrected by the developers then you will have to connect to phpMyAdmin manually as above.

Status error and a possible solution here:
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Re: A problem with the xampp control panel

Postby rgeorge » 04. March 2011 23:10


Thank you very much. I thought it was me as usual.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Re: A problem with the xampp control panel

Postby whitewizzard » 18. March 2011 10:41

I don’t know if this is any good to anyone but the way I got around it was to go to xampp control panel, apache admin, browse down to PHP myadmin, I then just copied the URL from the browser to a spare icon in rocketdock and my ObjectDock so I can now call it straight from my desktop, or you could just bookmark it from the browser to Bookmark Toolbar . Object dock is free and you can get it from here
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Hope this might be of use. it works for me. :D
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