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Can't turn Apache and MySQL off

PostPosted: 03. March 2011 22:32
by ScottyRock
I recently installed the latest version of Xampp. I would like to turn Apache and MySql off when I'm not using the computer. I've tried to turn them off by clicking the stop button in the control panel, but I get the following messages: Aapache - "Busy..., ERROR: -1", MySql - "Busy..., ERROR: MySql service not stopped [-1].

I went into the folder and tried it there, but it just returns me to the control panel. Has anyone else had this problem, or can anyone suggest a solution?


Re: Can't turn Apache and MySQL off

PostPosted: 04. March 2011 04:46
by Sharley
Remove the ticks in the Svc check boxes and answer the question, then click on Stop.