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xampp proxy

Postby leeuwa » 28. February 2011 12:22


I am not new with xampp, but also not a expert,more a looser that knows some stuff.
I am trying to set the proxy server, so that scripts that I created can access the internet true the assing proxy here.
The proxy is located on an other server.

Afther 2 days of searching, I can not find the right instruction how to do this.
So who will be my hero. that push me in the right direction, with conf file I need to added and wat I have to put in to it.

I am using xammp 1.71
On is the xampp installation
and is the proxy server, port 3128
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Re: xampp proxy

Postby glitzi85 » 04. March 2011 21:09

I do not fully understand what you want to do. You have an XAMPP installation on .49, where some scripts are running. Those scripts need internet access via the proxy on .222 port 3128. That means you have to program proxy support into your scripts.

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