Internet Data corruption

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Internet Data corruption

Postby jimmyz » 27. February 2011 15:48

Hi, guys,
It's been some years now, I'm using xampp in my suse box. Mostly I'm a linux user. Software depended Situations drove me to use for more than a week now, my xp boot partition. For my first time I downloaded the win version of xampp. I started using it without the svc option, just manually starting everything by the xampp control panel. After sometimes, I got bored with this, so I decided to install the services and have them start after boot (apache, mysql, ftp).
Here comes the weird now, after 5 or 10 or 15 minutes, any data coming from the outside world, comes corrupted. I mean, browsing by any broswer becomes impossible and this happens slowly. First, photos are shown half or greenish or else type of unviewable thing. Then, pages won't load at all. If a downloader is being used in the background, it will transfer corrupted files, until it looses the connection for good.
I tried to stop/restart xampp and various combinations. I uninstalled services. Nothing. Only rebooting fixes it, for some minutes after starting xampp.
I don't really care about solving this problem, as my job in windows comes to its end next days. But, academically speaking, what could be cause of this behavior? Is my xp boot infected by some malware avg didn't cought? Did this ever happened to someone else?

Anyway, glad I told it somewhere,
Be Good.
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