Problem in installing xampp

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Problem in installing xampp

Postby prince11 » 26. February 2011 13:50

I am a beginner.
When i installed the xampp i didn't started the services of apache, mysql and filezilla. After completion of installation I started the services by clicking on apache_start, mysql_start in the xampp folder. after doing this when i checked the control panel of xampp the admin button of apache was not highlighted remaining all are highlighted. When clicked on start button of Mysql and Filezilla their status is 'Running ' but this thing doesn't happen to apache

Is the installation correct if not please tell me the steps i have to perform

Thanks in advance.......
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Re: Problem in installing xampp

Postby Sharley » 27. February 2011 02:05

Read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for clues why Apache can't start.

Usually a port conflict with either Skype or Microsoft's own web server, Internet Information Server IIS.

For Skype have it use other ports than 80 and 443 in the configuration settings.

For IIS disable this completely in the Windows Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs/Add\Remove Windows Components, depending on your Windows version it may be called World Wide Publishing.
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Re: Problem in installing xampp

Postby bloohair » 27. February 2011 13:44

Sharley, thanks for the help. I don't have Skype, and am pulling my hair out in frustration as to why I cannot log into PhpMyAdmin not matter how many times I change the password, it gives me error 1045.
I am loath to fiddle about with my Windows settings and have now unistalled XAMPP.
Fortunately I have an Apple Mac, so I'm going to do the whole thing again on there and hope I don't come across any other issues.

As a web designer of 11 years standing, I think I need to join the crowd producing WordPress and other sites along side my hand-crafted (beautiful and unique) websites in case I get left behind.

This problem installin passwords for XAMPP has been a huge disappointment and wasted so much of my time, that I would beg the programme developers to try and rectify this problem - it seems I am not alone.
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