certificate error, and XAMPP Component status check failure

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certificate error, and XAMPP Component status check failure

Postby SNW » 21. February 2011 06:44

Hi there, I have recently installed XAMPP on my computer, but realized when I tested the certificate on and https://localhost/ it gives me a Certificate Error, it will still let me continue with the website, but does this mean I can’t do something later on?

Also, when I turn on XAMPP control panel, I get a ‘XAMPP Component status check failure [3]. Current directory: c:\xampp Run this program only from your XAMPP root directory.’ Message, what does this mean? Is there a problem I need to fix?

Sorry if this is too basic of a question, I can’t really find a manual that I can navigate though without stopping every second because I don’t understand what I am looking at, so I’m here to ask you guys.
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Re: certificate error, and XAMPP Component status check fail

Postby glitzi85 » 06. March 2011 15:31


the certificate error is normal. If you open a SSL secured website, the server sends the certificate to the browser. The browser then does the following checks:
- Is the Certificate already valid (Issued on) or already expired (Expires on)
- Does the entered URL match the given URL in the Certificate (Common Name (CN))
- Is the Certificate issued by an trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
If one or more of those checks fails, then there will be a warning like you've seen in your Browser.

The trusted CAs you can lookup in your Browser. In Firefox for example under Tools - > Options -> Advanced -> Encryption -> Show Certificates -> Authorities. And that's the problem with the XAMPP default Certificate. It is not signed by an accepted Authority because A) you have to pay money for that and B) the license does not allow you to distribute this certificate. So if you do not want to pay for a certificate or you are not running a public website you use a self signed certificate. This will not be accepted in any browser by default, but for testing purposes it is not a problem.

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