help can't access my localhost from outside

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help can't access my localhost from outside

Postby damienLucien » 11. February 2011 07:38

dear all people who already understand the xampp

i've got problem that all of you might can help me.

here my question, why i couldn't get my web from other after i uninstalling iis but i still could get from my localhost on my computer and i can still reach my ftp from other site?

before i installing iis i could get my web and ftp from other side

note: my machine use public ip without router or modem that i use as a web server and ftp server also browsing on single public ip. i'm using dedicated line which had 5 ip public.
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Re: help can't access my localhost from outside

Postby SlightlyFrustrated » 11. February 2011 12:29

Do you have windows or av firewall running? I would not be surprised if uninstalling iis closed port 80 on the windows firewall.
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