Tomcat Service Not Running Properly

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Tomcat Service Not Running Properly

Postby djosephs » 09. February 2011 01:21

I have an installation of XAMPP Lite with the Tomcat add-on. I have configured Tomcat to run on Port 80. I have been just manually starting and stopping the Tomcat engine from the Control Panel. But now that things are a little more stable, I wanted to add the Tomcat as a Windows Service. Everything appears to be setup correctly, but when the Tomcat service is running I can't seem to access the hosted site from another machine on the network.

I changed the Tomcat port by updating server.xml under Tomcat/conf. Do I need to change something else in order for it to work when Tomcat is started via a Service rather than using the Control Panel? This seems very confusing why it works perfectly by starting the engine via the Control Panel but when I install the Service, it doesn't work properly.

Hopefully someone can help us.

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