diff versions of php and mysql

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diff versions of php and mysql

Postby NuttyMonk » 08. February 2011 18:51

hi all,

i'm new to xampp.

the webspace where i host my website has different (older) versions of php and mysql on their servers compared to what is included in xampp. Because of this, i get the odd error when testing my website in xampp but the errors don't appear on the real site.

can anyone offer any advice on how to get xampp to use the same versions as those on my webspace? either by me installing them myself in xampp, or by changing options in the xampp properties/setup.


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Re: diff versions of php and mysql

Postby Sharley » 09. February 2011 01:56

Older XAMPP versions with perhaps the same component versions that you require for testing can be found here:
SourceForge XAMPP File Repository
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Re: diff versions of php and mysql

Postby BertMul » 09. February 2011 20:51

If the combinastion of versions of apache, PHP, and MySQL are in one of the older vversions of XAMPP, you are in luck.
You can still get the older versions of XAMPP from sourceforge.

But if you need a specific combination of versions, you may want to try WampServer.
That allows you to install many different versions of apache, php, and mysql, and you can just select which ones you want to use.
See http://www.wampserver.com/en/

Hope this info helps.
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