browsers won't open .php files correctly

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browsers won't open .php files correctly

Postby Messana » 06. February 2011 04:30

Downloaded XAMPP, have Apache running and when I try opening .php files from Notepad++ to Firefox, I get a blank screen. In IE only the code shows up. Same results if I open the files by themselves.

-I see the welcome screen in http://localhost just fine.
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Re: browsers won't open .php files correctly

Postby Sharley » 06. February 2011 07:41

What are you typing in your web browsers address bar to open a .php file?

They need to be opened using a URI for example http://localhost/yourfile.php

http://localhost that works for you actually opens the index.php file.

Notepad++ will open a php file if you associate the .php file extension with Notepad++ or if you simply drag the file into an already open Nnotepad++.
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