Help by XAMPP for new user

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Help by XAMPP for new user

Postby Bertus » 04. February 2011 23:00

Can You tell me if localpage in XAMP can be configured soo that it looks like the localpage in WAMP.
Now I have too fill in the whole URL to test my webside and in
WAMP I only had too click on the part I wanted too test.
And testing (And thus filling in URL's) is what I do the most.
I'm fayvoring for XAMPP because it deals better with MySql and lets me configure it better. Only not yet for the localpage.
Anybody who reacts:

Thanks for making the efford. I'm a starter in PHP but got interested and do not want to lose my interest.
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Re: Help by XAMPP for new user

Postby Sharley » 04. February 2011 23:48

First you have wrongly posted this in the German language only forum and so the moderator may move this to the English language only forum.

It is not possible to make XAMPP look like WAMP but you can add your own links to the XAMPP Welcome Demo Page menu - not recommended for beginners.

I would require the XAMPP version you are using and the language setting you use so I can help with how to do this but it is not easy and you would need to be familiar with editing php coded files.

The process is very messy and time consuming for very little benefit so why don't you simply create a folder on your desktop and name it MySites.

Next create a Windows shortcut to which ever site or page you want to access easily and add them to your newly created MySites folder - much easier and quicker and very flexible, it is how I do it with a huge quantity of pages and sites - when you have finished using a particular shortcut there is no easier way but to simply delete it.

Best wishes.
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Re: Help by XAMPP for new user

Postby Bertus » 06. February 2011 20:27

Thanks for the apply.

I think I go back to WAMP.

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