Error 249 in Mercury

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Error 249 in Mercury

Postby cearlp » 02. February 2011 19:25

I am running XAMPP 1.7.4 and Drupal 6.20. When Drupal (I guess it's using the PHP mail() function) sends an email it seems to think everything is okay,
but the email is nerve really sent. The Mercury Administration window shows the following:
In the SMTP Server window: DATA - 21 lines, 673 bytes, then connection closed
In the SMTP Client (end-to-end version) window: Temporary error 249 (temporary MX resolution error) resolving ''.
The same thing happens on any .com address I use.
Any ideas/suggestions/resolutions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Error 249 in Mercury

Postby JonB » 02. February 2011 20:12

Those are really Pegasus/Mercury questions. The XAMPP Developers only included it as an add-on package.

BUT, that said - its most likely that you have not configured 'sendmail' its an MTA (Mail transfer Agent) - NOT Mercury (a full blown SMTP server). You should check what the settings are in Drupal for sending mail. Things like location of sendmail, etc. I don't use Drupal, but I do use a variety of other CMS's and forum software - most want to use a local MTA to 'sendmail'. The XAMPP one is found in \XAMPP\sendmail along with samples on how to configure.

For more info: in this forum use Search Forum window and search on configure sendmail, you will find lots of information (including some answers I wrote). or click this:

I also suggest you look/ask here: (where you can confirm my suspicion)

AN SMTP server is when you "Serve your own mail" = meaning you run the mail server that is listed in the DNS MX record for your domain. If you don't know what this last thing is/describes, you don't likely need an SMTP server running in your XAMPP server.

BUT, if you really want or need a MAILSERVER then
From my personal experience, hMail is a much better Windows based SMTP/POP server.

Good Luck

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Re: Error 249 in Mercury

Postby cearlp » 02. February 2011 21:14

Thanks JonB,
Your explanation helps a lot. I now know in what direction I have to go.
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