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xamp / 1.7.4 for Windows - session problem in IE

PostPosted: 31. January 2011 16:35
by quali77

I am really strullging with this latest version of xamp.
My websites do work perfectly on Firefox & chrome but not in IE. Sessions do not work in IE. I have no idea why and I would appreciate if anybody could input as to why this could happen.
From what I have tested (which was an incrementing counter acting on page reload), it seems the session is lost evertytime the page is refreshed.

Please help...

Re: xamp / 1.7.4 for Windows - session problem in IE

PostPosted: 01. February 2011 00:01
by Sharley
Have you used a disk cleanup utility that has remove all the *.tmp *.temp files and folders in XAMPP as they are required, as are zero length files and so none of these must ever be moved, renamed or deleted.

IE specific issues may well best be answered in the MS forums or by a Google search for others with the same issue that have found a solution - Apache really can't differentiate between browsers and if it is serving files to your other 2 browsers then it could be a browser related setting.
Good luck and best wishes.