Change password in cgi/admin

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Change password in cgi/admin

Postby pcs800 » 28. January 2011 01:35

Before I came into my company, someone had used xampp to set up a web server. We would like to change the password that gets us into
I have checked the few places I know of without success. Can someone help out?
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Re: Change password in cgi/admin

Postby Sharley » 28. January 2011 01:53

This must be a 3rd party inclusion into your server as XAMPP or Apache has no such admin or password.

Suggest you look for a .htaccess file in your web root folder or in the\cgi\admin folder and a .htpasswd file elsewhere and rename both so they are not in the equation and try again.

The .htaccess file may be stored outside your folder and could be in the \xampp\ folder or even in the \xampp\security folder (don't confuse the XAMPP files in this folder) as it is usually not accessible from the web for obvious security concerns - like in XAMPP this .htpasswd file may go under another name that is referenced from within the instigating .htaccess file.

If successful with the above files then locate the section that deals with user and passwords and delete the entries - rename back to the original if they contain other needed entries, if not then simply delete both.

Find out what this cgi/admin is and try and locate their web site and see if they have an answer.

Good luck and best wishes.
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