Installation of XAmp

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Installation of XAmp

Postby stevethemusicman » 23. January 2011 10:06

Hi All,

I just installed XAmpp and am afraid I did not do the right thing. I already have MySQL server as well as PHP and Apache installed on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. So now I can't seem to access XAmpp control panel items such as the apache admin and mysql admin.

Before I go nuttso trying to figure this out my question is should I just remove MySQL, PHP and Apache (I don't use them for anything else) as well as this installation of XAmpp and just reinstall Xampp alone?

The only reason I want to do this is so I can have a local verison of my Joomla site for debugging one that is on my live server.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Installation of XAmp

Postby Sharley » 24. January 2011 04:12

Hello Steve,

XAMPP has all that you need to do what you want in the one package (except Joomla of course), but first an important step is to completely and cleanly uninstall XAMPP using the instructions found in the links below before proceeding to the next paragraph so you have a clean start - here perhaps is a complete easy to follow set of uninstall instructions in case you can't find them.

Make sure that all XAMPP components are Stopped by using the XAMPP Control Panel and that there are no ticks in any of the Svc check boxes.

Then click on the Exit button in the XAMPP Control Panel and save any of your own files that you may have in the htdocs folder, but do not save any of the xampp files or folders as they will be reinstalled later.

Next delete the xampp folder completely - now proceed to the next paragraph steps.

It would now be prudent to uninstall the standalone Apache, MySQL and PHP instances so XAMPP can proceed to perform as expected without being concerned with conflicts that could be created by the other standalone components.

Please do make sure that they are uninstalled correctly and leave no residue on the PC or in the registry.

When you are satisfied that the uninstall went smoothly then you can go ahead and install XAMPP as outlined on the Apache Friends XAMPP for Windows home page.

FAQ here:

Readme file in English here:

Good luck Steve and enjoy XAMPP and Joomla, a great combination. :)
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