Localhost Doesn't Read the Big Files Completely

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Localhost Doesn't Read the Big Files Completely

Postby mariadla » 21. January 2011 18:16


I have a weird problem:
If I open a file like this:
On any browser, the file shows up complete, from the beginning to the end, loads all.

But! if I open it using localhost:
It doesn't load the file completly! It cuts it!!!! And because of this, I am getting an error on my proyect.

I have tested using a file with commented text only, and it stills cuts the text. I have tried changing the extension, and the same cutting problem. It seems as if my localhost has a limit on the number of lines it reads per file. But I have sent the file to a friend and he says it loads perfect with his localhost xampp.

Please help!!!!

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Re: Localhost Doesn't Read the Big Files Completely

Postby Sharley » 21. January 2011 23:54

"Weird or what"

I can only suggest looking in the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file and also the access.log file and see if there are any clues, as it seems to be only related to your XAMPP installation.

I am not aware of ever having had this issue and some of my pages are huge and I believe that a default XAMPP installation requires no configurations that could fix your issue - it may be something has been corrupted along the way.

If all else fails then do a complete uninstall by stopping all XAMPP components in the Xampp Control Panel and removing any ticks in the Svc check boxes, then close the XAMPP Control Panel.

Next save any files you require from the htdocs folder but no XAMPP files or folders at all as they will be reinstalled.

Now delete the xampp folder completely.

Reinstall XAMPP as per the instructions provided on the Apache Friends XAMPP for Windows Home page.

Good luck and best wishes.
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