cannot view another machines localhost on a peer to peer

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cannot view another machines localhost on a peer to peer

Postby gavrd1 » 21. January 2011 16:54

hi all

have used xampp for a while now and have always had a pc and a laptop on a peer to peer network, both with xampp installed. previously i have always had no problems in viewing the other machine's localhost from the other machine's browser.

however, recently i have been able to view the pc's localhost from my laptop browser without problems but cannot view my laptop's localhost from my pc browser whether i use the name of the machine in the address bar or the ip address. both machines run windows 7 and are networking and file sharing no problem and far as i can see have identical sharing options set in network sharing.

i just wondered if this problem may be down to something ive missed in the windows network setting or if this may be down to something in the apache configuration that is stopping this?

any ideas?

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Re: cannot view another machines localhost on a peer to peer

Postby Sharley » 22. January 2011 00:30

What version of XAMPP are you using?

What error messages if any are you getting?

Did you check in the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file or the access.log to see if there are any server issues?

There has been an additional security measure introduced in newer XAMPP versions and perhaps this may be the issue here.

Check in the\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-xampp.conf file down at the bottom in the New XAMPP security concept section that your IP address or your local IP address range is included.

If you edit the file make sure you restart Apache after and if Apache can't start after editing check the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for clues.

Good luck and best wishes.
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