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Xampp 1.7.1

Postby mahnazvn » 17. January 2011 14:04

Hi there
first of all i wanted to say thankyou for your nice product and your support. i have one problem on local. i have xampp 1.7.1 installed on my local pc and the operating system is windows xp professional sp2. i have lots of site designed beased on joomla. i always use joomlapack to make backup of my live sites and install the backup on local when i want to do an upgrade or make a big change. i did all of these without any problem. till last two weeks that when i made backups of some of my sites and i installed them on local server after installation when i tried to see the frontpage it just loaded for a long time and when i check my xampp cp i saw that the apache must be reset and was stoped. after having this issue on some of the sites i finally decided to upgrade my xampp to 1.7.3.
as some of the sites are using still joomla version former than 1.5.14 they will have problem with php 3 so i want to have the old xampp and also install the new version. i have searched alot and foundout these steps:
1)uninstall servers that are installed as windows srevices by unchecking the svn box.
2)exporting mysql databases and make a backup of all other necessary information in the xampp folder.
3)downloading the xampp 1.7.3 ZIP package.
4)extract and rename the folder to something like xampp173.
5)running the setup-xampp.bat script to relocate the xampp173.
6)changing the port number in httpd.conf and httpd-ssl.conf of xampp173 .
7)importing the sql dumps to new phpmy admin.
8)importing appropriate folders from old htdocs to new one.
would you please tell me if there is anything else i should consider or these are the only things i have to do.
thanks in advance
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Re: Xampp 1.7.1

Postby Sharley » 24. January 2011 05:53

mahnazvn wrote:6) changing the port number in httpd.conf and httpd-ssl.conf of xampp173 .
Only required if you intend to run both XAMPP installations at the same time but this is not recommended, so really no need to change the ports - run any XAMPP version one at a time not together, running together is not required and may give some other "weird or what" problems.

mahnazvn wrote:8) importing appropriate folders from old htdocs to new one.
Only import your own files and folders but do not import any xampp files or folders as they will be included when installing the new version.

Finally never install XAMPP over the top of an already installed version unless using an upgrade version - always uninstall the old version before installing a new version but backup your own files and folders first.

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Best wishes.
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