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setup_xampp.bat ain't workin' !

PostPosted: 15. February 2004 21:21
by semko-sa
Hi, I'm havin a problem with installing the program. I extract it as it's said, and then i open the setup_xampp.bat file. Here comes the problem, It says " The directory name is invalid". I tried several times, but without any success. My OS is Windows XP (NTFS), is this the problem? I mean, do i have to format the disk and take the Fat 32 option !?
Please Help !

what directory?

PostPosted: 15. February 2004 21:38
by xeroryder
what directory did you extract it to? i put mine in c:\xampp\

then just run it from there.

PostPosted: 19. February 2004 16:03
by MAGnUm
if you extract to a non standard directory, you must modify the batch file to point to the correct location.