Fresh installation of XAMPP -> .PHP file downloads

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Fresh installation of XAMPP -> .PHP file downloads

Postby R-Mike » 11. January 2011 20:44

I dont think this is normal, any php file opens as a download while it should just open as a page in my browser.

Im running Windows 7 on a 64bit notebook.
I"ve done a fresh installation and i've run apacha server and mysql server.
To my knowledge these 2 are enought to set up the enviroment for php.
Ive used the executable installation file of 50mb.

Hope any1 can help me out.

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Re: Fresh installation of XAMPP -> .PHP file downloads

Postby Sharley » 12. January 2011 01:06

Is your Apache running - showing green running in the XAMPP Control Panel?

How are you trying to run the php files?

What do you see when you type http://localhost in your browser?

Did you complete the questions asked when you ran the setup_xampp.bat file?
You can run the setup_xampp.bat file again if you wish.

Have you tried to reboot your PC and see if the issue remains?

Have you cleared your browser's cache (Temporary Internet Files) and then tried again to access the files?
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