syslog() is going to

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syslog() is going to

Postby bretmaverick999 » 11. January 2011 08:01

I've installed two syslog servers on my WinXP system. When I start one of them (does not matter which one) it starts. When I try to start the other one it says the port is use. Hence I believe my syslog server is working.

In one of my php files I added these lines:
if (syslog(LOG_DEBUG, "testing syslog()") == TRUE) {
echo "<br/>syslog() was successful<br/>";
} else {
echo "<br/>syslog() was unsuccessful<br/>";

When I display the webpage with the above lines it displays "syslog() was successful" but nothing comes out on my syslog server. If I look in MS Event Viewer I see an event from "PHP-5.3.1" and it's type matches what I set for LOG_DEBUG.

Is there a way to configure XAMPP so syslog() goes to the syslog server instead of MS Event Viewer?
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