what XAMPP appears to be

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what XAMPP appears to be

Postby mhh12 » 11. January 2011 00:48

The start of the collection is XAMPP control panel. Apache is an information source. MySQL seems to be a creator and editor of databases and their tables. FileZilla doesn't have anything to do with creating HTML pages with PHP code. Mercury seems to be a way of organizing email.
If I wanted a stand alone way to create MySQL databases I would prefer MySQL Workbench. I was hoping to find a GUI program like VWD 2010 that lets me create web pages with PHP commands to manipulate MySQL databases. I have extreme difficullty believing that no such program exists. It is ridiculous to think MySQL has become the world's greatest open source database program in an environment where I have to revert to Microsoft's Notes program to peck out an HTML page with PHP included. Nobody with any interest in saving time is going to use such a system. There has to be a GUI type program like VWD 2010 to create web pages with code to manipulate MYSQL databases.
If XAMPP has such a program or there is such a program some place or other I would be interested in knowing where it is.
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Re: what XAMPP appears to be

Postby Nobbie » 11. January 2011 11:15

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