zpanel integration

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zpanel integration

Postby xeroryder » 15. February 2004 07:45

i came accross this nice looking web hosting control panel for windows. i was wondering if it were possible to integrate this with xampp. can ya check it out? The Z Panel. Thanks.
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Postby nemesis » 15. February 2004 08:01

Just downloading v. 1.5.1. Wow 23Mbyte!!!
What are all included in this zip?
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zpanel includes.....

Postby xeroryder » 15. February 2004 09:57

Installable scripts. Scripts (php/asp) quickly install into the customers account.
ASP scripts can be hidden for just in case your server doesn't support ASP.
Easy bulletin board (forum) installation.
Direct server information to your clients.
Server type, PHP version, ASP
Helpful scripts right at your clients' fingertips.
Total hits, currently viewing page
Easy chat service installation.
E-Mail server information for your customers.
Easy administration of their MySQL databases. [phpmyadmin]
Display your server's status.
Is the FTP server up? Is the MySQL server up? ....
Show users how much of their quota is in use (uses a pie chart)
Access to great network tools
Host Resolve/Reverse Lookup
Get DNS Records
Ping Host
Easy administration page to edit any aspect of ZPanel
Representatives of your company have access to view customers information and leave notes on their account.
File Manager that connects to your FTP server for file management behind firewalls. [only for apache] :wink:
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Postby Andromedan » 25. April 2007 01:36

Any results on integrating this into XAMPP?
It's a great free hosting panel...
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