XAMPP reinstall on windows 7

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XAMPP reinstall on windows 7

Postby kseygfe » 09. January 2011 13:59

I reinstalled xampp on windows 7, but it doesn't work. It continuously loads localhost with white window. Why it doesn't work?
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Re: XAMPP reinstall on windows 7

Postby dlegh » 09. January 2011 19:46

I too have a similar problem. Yesterday before I finished the 'xampp install' and retired for the night [I was successful in the 'localhost' command]. I was proud and though I was finished, so I logged off.

This morning I tried the 'localhost' command and received a blank page. I have no idea how to correct this problem. The Probable cause: I am a neophyte in file/folder/command prompt actions. Can someone help? Regards, dlegh
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Re: XAMPP reinstall on windows 7

Postby Sharley » 10. January 2011 00:32

Usually the short_open_tag syndrome is the cause of this issue ie:
<? and ?> instead of <?php and ?>

You may also look at your firewall settings and allow the ports XAMPP uses access.

Open \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file in your text editor by dragging in the file and see if there are any clues at about the date and time you last tried to go to http://localhost

Try and and http://localhost/xampp in case it is another issues.

Check in the XAMPP Control Panel if Apache and MySQL are running.

Reboot and try again to test for a Windows Service issue.

Another possible cause is a .htaccess file in your web root folder with syntax issues.

Clear your browser's cache (temporary Internet files) and do this often if you get 'weird or what' server errors when working with localhost URIs.
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