PHP: mail() function will not work with mercury

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PHP: mail() function will not work with mercury

Postby Zee Best » 06. January 2011 15:15

Ok, so i have searched this forum and there are loads, and loads of people who have the same problem, but no one has gave them a direct answer and therefore i cannot do this myself.

So. Basically, what i have done is installed XAMPP for Windows, i then run all 4 of the modules (Appache, PHP, FileZilla and Mercury), however, when i send a mail using php's mail() function it returns that it has sent but the reciever does not actually recieve it.

I have searched for the past few days for a solution to this but i cannot find one anywhere, so i decided to post here.

Now, basically, are there any settings i need to edit in Mercury to make this work? I don't need all the stuff, i just simple need outgoing mail using SMTP and incoming mail using POP3, so i just need the settings for those.

Thank you for any detailed and simple instructions on getting this problem fixed, as it's halted my development by quite a bit.
Zee Best
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