Backing Up the XAMPP package/website

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Backing Up the XAMPP package/website

Postby switch51 » 05. January 2011 21:13

I was wondering if there's an official way of backing up your XAMPP package/directories/website, other than a simple copy command.

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Re: Backing Up the XAMPP package/website

Postby JonB » 06. January 2011 17:11

If you are using MySQL, you should backup MySQL correctly - either use PHPMyAdmin or mysqldump.exe (command line interface).

I use Acronis + a batch file with the mysqldump syntax needed to backup XAMPP daily.

Read this tutorial if you like: ... -outcomes/

Good Luck
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Re: Backing Up the XAMPP package/website

Postby ckdoublenecks » 10. January 2011 21:37

I read your response and I have what I think is the same question? I want to, periodically, back up my databases(you answered that but I'd like to know how to retrieve(import) them. I export them to my zip drive but I haven't been able to retrieve them for use. I'd like to know how to back up my whole website, the whole xampp package(php,mysql,apache & htdocs). I'm not that computer literate I guess, but Can you explain?
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