Installation in Windows 2003 environment

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Installation in Windows 2003 environment

Postby nikslick » 05. January 2011 13:09


I am planning on making an installation of XAMPP in Windows Server 2003 environment. Will this work? It should be noted that on the same system we are running our sales, order and invoice software. I.e. no webserver as such. Our site is currently running on a VPS for some reason and I want to move it here for many reasons. Especially SPEED... The site is a Magento installation running today on Linux Ubuntu. That could be the reason why it has been left on the VPS.

However, is this possible. I.e.:

- Windows Server 2003
- Magento
- PHP with PDO/MySQL, mcrypt, hash, simplexml, GD, DOM, iconv (perhaps all of them are already included in the XAMPP package=)
- SMTP or Sendmail

Need this to be up and running asap if it's possible.

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