Slap my Mac and my Windows 7

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Slap my Mac and my Windows 7

Postby photoshawn » 04. January 2011 15:54

Hello everyone! I've been using XAMPP for awhile now and I was wondering if there was an easy way to integrate a Mac and Windows version of it?

For example I run XAMPP off of a USB device and I would like to have the Mac and Windows version access the same data/html directories if at all possible. I'm not sure if MySQL stores data in the same file extension for both Mac and Windows or not, but if they do is there a way to point the Mac version to the Windows install that I already have?

I currently run 2 XAMPPs and will continue to do so if there is no other way, but XAMPP spoils me with simplicity so I'm hoping for something that will work :)

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Re: Slap my Mac and my Windows 7

Postby Sharley » 05. January 2011 01:27

It is possible to use the same data folder for both installations by editing the my.ini file in one or the other or both installations.

The my.ini file is located in the \xampp\mysql\bin folder and the data folder is located in the \xampp\mysql folder.

The line to edit looks like this:
basedir = "/xampp/mysql/"
datadir = "/xampp/mysql/data/"
You can relocate the data folder to anywhere you choose even for the use of both installations as long as Windows and the Mac can both access the same USB drive.

Give that a try as I am not sure about Mac issues but IMHO MySQL would use the same file naming conventions on all its installations but I could be wrong. :)
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