Mercury/32 Core Processing Module v4.72 problem

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Mercury/32 Core Processing Module v4.72 problem

Postby kyocera » 03. January 2011 14:23

Using Windows XP, SP3 and XAMPP 1.7.3 for over 1 year (Apache and MySQL only) and have just recently begun to start and try to configure Mercury/32. Approx. 20 seconds after I start Mercury, I receive the following error message -- "Mercury/32 Core Processing Module v4.72 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." This is the Error signature -- AppName: mercury.exe AppVer: ModName: mercuryc.dll
ModVer: Offset: 000057ee
I also receive a very detailed error report (system status dump). Can anyone provide any assistance?

This condition occurs only when I enable the MercuryC protocol module. I am attempting to use Mercury as a mail server for sending / receiving test emails (using php mail() function) on localhost only. Any help on which protocol modules to use and / or configuration settings would also be appreciated. If there are forum entries in Deutsch related to these questions, please point me to them. I will try to translate them as best as I can with my limited knowledge of the language.

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Re: Mercury/32 Core Processing Module v4.72 problem

Postby JonB » 03. January 2011 16:09

Mercury (Pegasus) is a third Party product with its own detailed support:

They would have answers for an excutable/dll issue.

Its also got a lot of little problems, LOL

See this topic:

Its not 'actaully' integrated with XAMPP, so if you would like to use a different product, that's OK too.

May I suggest what I use? hMail for Windows - Free (good) Intuitive interface, easy to setup, and most important also very, very reliable. They have a great support forum as well. My hMail server runs with basicallly no effort - its not real high volume, but I support 4 domains with it - zero problems . Supports POP3 and SMTP and integrates with clamwin (Mail AV).

Good Luck
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Re: Mercury/32 Core Processing Module v4.72 problem

Postby kyocera » 05. January 2011 11:37

Thanks for the reply. I will certainly look into hMail.
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