"The connection was reset"

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Re: "The connection was reset"

Postby Altrea » 04. January 2011 17:37

grosskopf wrote:It also seems that XAMPP is using an old version of PHP (5.3.1). I'd like to find out how to upgrade my PHP in XAMPP

Simple answer: you can't. Thats not supported or ducumented.
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Re: "The connection was reset"

Postby Sharley » 05. January 2011 05:23

Pleased to read that the file not found error has disappeared - "weird or what" ? :)

There have been many issues posted in these forums about PHP version compatibility with CMS etc. type software scripts.

It found that installing an older version of XAMPP typically version 1.7.1 with an older compatible PHP version did fix these errors until the CMS developers updated their scripts to use the newer version of PHP.

So in your case and knowing that the developers of the stats scripts use older libraries etc., that installing version XAMPP 1.7.1 perhaps and not relying on a new version of PHP, might be what is required here and may be worth a try as this stalling error type was also one of the errors reported by the CMS users.

To have a new version of PHP requires you wait for the developers of XAMPP to release the latest version and XAMPP For Windows 1.7.4 must be close to stable from beta version testing - see the beta web page here:

Older XAMPP version may be downloaded from here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/files/XAMPP Windows/

As a suggestion and to be more informed about working PHP versions with the stats script try and obtain the PHP version used with Host Gator and compare it with the versions used in the various XAMPP releases.
Also try and discover the Host Gator server's component details to compare and perhaps locate a difference with server components.

Or do the developers of the stats script have a recommended minimum server component requirement list?

I did notice they code in Python - I know very little about python and not sure if XAMPP even has a python interpreter included????.

Did Host Gator include a python interpreter?

Do they still use any files with a .py file extension as I did see on their web site mention of files with .py extensions like setup.py and ctime.py, see here?
Some Python relevant Google search results
Some python search results from the xlrstats forum
Getting Python working in XAMPP

Another suggestion might be to disable mod_perl if not required by running setup_xampp.bat script again - perhaps item 6 from memory - which has been known to eliminate some 'weird or what' errors.

Could this issue be related to any of xlrstats plugins perhaps?

Are there any more posts with reference to XAMPP on their forums or in their web sites pages?

At this stage exploring and trying anything might seem drastic but drastic measures for "weird or what" issues could perhaps find the solution.

Another question for other forum readers is, has anyone successfully installed xlrstats in a default XAMPP For Windows environment and if so what version worked?

As always good luck and best wishes.
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Re: "The connection was reset"

Postby grosskopf » 05. January 2011 09:52

Thanks again for the great reply. I will look into these items and get back to you. One thing I can tell you off the bat is that Host Gator does use the latest version of PHP (5.2.4) along with Apache 2.2.17.
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