Xampp on XP Windows with two IP's?

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Xampp on XP Windows with two IP's?

Postby cwaidelich » 30. December 2010 22:53

Hi guys, thanks for reading and eventualy answering.

I have this problem I posted in the german forum, but I havn't got an answer. I would post the answer in both forums helping two teams at the same time.

Here my configuration:
Server (Ip, static via LAN to my Laptop (Ip, static The Laptop comunicates to the server with a c# app that puts some info into the MySQL DB. The Laptop with apache and php generates some php files in the Webserver on Port 80.

The Laptop comunicates to a Router (Ip, via WLAN that defines a WLAN IP on the Laptop ( via DHCP) and a IP to my iPod touch (IP, DHCP

The Idea is that my iPod see's the Webpage on the Laptop with the IP (or whatever IP is asigned), but it doesn't work. If I turn off the LAN Network adapter in the Laptop, I see the page without a problem.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for everything,

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Re: Xampp on XP Windows with two IP's?

Postby njpugh90 » 30. December 2010 23:24

Do you have a firewall installed that is blocking port 80? AS most firewalls are set up to block this port as defult
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