How to CHMOD [Set Permissions] in Windows (XP) ?

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How to CHMOD [Set Permissions] in Windows (XP) ?

Postby VreebieZ » 13. February 2004 00:20

I successfully installed xAMPP in my local XP Pro.
Now I need to install a PHP script in my website. But according to the script readme, I need to chmod777 (Gives anonymous all access) several of its directories and files.

How can I successfully CHMOD 777 in XP-OS with FAT32?

My Efforts & Progress:
1. Uncheck "Simple file sharing" in folder options, to make the "sharing tab" appear in file properties
** But that only applies to directories, not the individual files.

2. There is a way to display the SECURITY tab according to [ HERE ]
** But it says it is for NTFS partition only. How about if my root is in FAT32 Partition?

3. Use "CACLS" in command line
** Haven't tried, is this really the answer?

4. Use IIS and setup the IUSR_*machine name* account permission
**This might work, but with IIS. How about Apache users?
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Postby xeroryder » 15. February 2004 22:54

i don't think you can in windows.
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Postby jurx » 19. February 2004 14:17

You can't directly in windows.
Just connect via FileZilla (if you installed xampp, not mini-xampp) to you website and right-click on folder or file you need to chmod. Voila, here you can change mod any way yopu need.
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Postby MAGnUm » 19. February 2004 16:02

windows does not support/ understand/ need CHMOD, this is a linux/ unix feature ONLY. so you dont need to worry about it. good luck.
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