(Newbie on the Loose)Hello currious about Xampp and its use?

Problems with the Windows version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related.

(Newbie on the Loose)Hello currious about Xampp and its use?

Postby pooperdoodles » 28. December 2010 05:13

Hello my name is chris,

I just recently started building a website that i want to use to build an online business. I dont really know much about xampp or what it does but from what i do know i know it would could be usefull if it can be used to suit what i want to do. I Plan to use my site to offer alot of my own personally developed content via cost per action marketing good adsense and a varitety of different marketing tactics. I would like to eventualy like for people who come to my page to be able to sign in with a username and password of there own,( i imagine this is where this kind of program ends up comeing into play but i dont know this in's and out's of what im doing yet... If someone would like to kinnda explain the use and purpose of this software to me and fill me in a little i would love you for ever. Im a quick learner and any info you have to offer will be invaluable to me. I would also like to build a yahoo instant messenger friends list of good support friends i can rap with about this type of thing if any one is interested in that my Yahoo ID is be_direct2002 ,,, thank you so much for you help and hope to hear back from you guys soon.

chris crowe

Here is where can view my current site ,, and tips on how to run a clean sharply codded site would be great.... im a sponge!!!
email croweboy1980@gmail.com
yahoo ID be_direct2002
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