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PHP not working

PostPosted: 11. February 2004 19:20
by tms29
I recently downloaded the Xampp software and installed it as written in the instructions. Now, I started Apache server and mySQL. When I test PHP using the tests on the sample page at, the tests work.
Then I made a PHP web page and stored it withing htdocs folder. The server recognises the HTML code within my PHP code and shows it out correctly in the browser, but doesn't recognise the PHP code. Do I need to activate/start something that I may have missed?
Please reply ASAP.
Thanks a lot

PostPosted: 12. February 2004 15:19
by Nik B
I have the same problem. localhost works too, but own made php page is just blank.

PostPosted: 12. February 2004 20:55
by Nik B
Yup i konw what it is , it is simple. You need macromedia dreamweaver, or an other php tool :D

thanks a lot

PostPosted: 12. February 2004 21:49
by tms29
oh yes that worked... funny r the ways of these programming languages.
Thanks Nik :D

PostPosted: 19. February 2004 15:45
by MAGnUm
note pad works.

notepad works

PostPosted: 19. February 2004 16:21
by tms29
yes notepad works for writing php script as well.
Only thing, when u save it, save it as "<filename>.php"- with the quotes... then it correctly recognises the php script.