Making XAMPP Portable

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Making XAMPP Portable

Postby Jaymie1989 » 20. December 2010 03:38


When I installed XAMPP on my PC, I choose the option for installing without drive letters so I can use it portable, How do I use it running just from my USB and nothing installed on the PC?

I want to use it while I'm away without installing anything so it just runs from my usb.
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Re: Making XAMPP Portable

Postby JonB » 20. December 2010 04:13

You used the standard XAMPP, not XAMPP lite, right? So presumbaly, Apache and MySQL are not running as services, and you start them with the Control Panel?

Move the XAMPP folder to the root of your USB drive.
run setup_xampp.bat - it will relocate XAMPP (and check everything).

You need a host machine that is running Windows, no matter what to run XAMPP for windows

Boot a Windows Host, plug in USB drive

go to XAMPP folder on USB drive -

start the XAMPP Control Panel

Start Apache and MySQL if needed.

should work - I just tested mine :mrgreen:

Be aware that if you have scripts with dependencies, or you have switched to hostname TCP/IP sockets in MySQL you may need fixes. :shock:

Good luck and Happy Holidays
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Single Click Start - Re: Making XAMPP Portable

Postby albertodg » 20. January 2011 18:49

Hello everybody,

I have to set up a portable xampp in pen drives, in order to run a particular php app offline, for some colleges that don’t know very much about servers, php and all of this.

I would like to make some sort of script or whatever to just start xampp, php and a given page allocated in the htdocs folder with just a single click on an icon (or even automatically after plugging the usb drive, but a manual, single click looks better for me).

Is it possible to do this?

Thanks in advance, and many thanks for this fantastic product!!!

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