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Redirect url to url

Postby sunny83 » 19. December 2010 08:15

Hello everyone,

Am learning Apache from Xampplite 1.7.3. I've setup an isolated network of 4 computers (not connected to Internet)
Apache is running on Windows XP SP3. What am trying to do is suppose if i click on
the link "Mail" on webpage it shud redirect me to
instead of https link.

I dont wanna learn https as of now as it would become too complex for me.
I was searching about .htaccess method of redirecting but found it too confusing.

Please give your reply by giving the above example

Please help
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Re: Redirect url to url

Postby WilliL » 19. December 2010 14:54

in .htacces you can do some apache configuration.

have a look to "RewriteEngine" to do an automaticaly redirect
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