FIXED::Xampp Image's Broken/Missing

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FIXED::Xampp Image's Broken/Missing

Postby » 17. December 2010 10:12

I have Solved this issue.

The issue was the ftp(file transfer protocol) Program I was Using. It is know as fireftp(addon for firefox).
The Program Altered and corrupted image files making the un viewable by any means.



I have been fighting with this problem for awhile now to no resolve. I have search high and low and tried many methods to fix this issue.
I have done 3 os re-installs and many many different versions of xampp were tried.

My problem is as fallows,

All images regardless of format,size,location,lan(or www) DO NOT WORK, are missing or are corrupted.

I have tried host file editing, and the enablesendfile modification to fix this issue with no avail.

I currently have a site running where you can view my problem

When you click view image/background you are presented with 1 of 3 outcomes:
1. your browser opens a new page with direct link info ex: an image at displays as

2. you are presented with an error stating that the image is corrupt

3. a broken/degraded image

Please help i have tried everything and im about to smash my server!

P>S Also the xampp status pages show images just fine. witch makes me think it is a php issue. but i am not 100% that html is not affected

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Re: Xampp Image's Broken/Missing

Postby » 18. December 2010 00:49

Thank you for your reply and for the tool information.

I am going to investigate my ftp program as i used to use one named Cute Ftp and now am using fireftp.
This may be a real possibility and thank you for helping me out once again.

P>S : Sorry to blame xampp/ php it was the only thing i could think of.
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Re: FIXED::Xampp Image's Broken/Missing

Postby » 18. December 2010 01:01

Thank you I have solved the issue. Original Post has been edited!
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