Problem with Xampp

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Problem with Xampp

Postby kero » 13. December 2010 10:01

Hello, I'm a french user of Xampp.

I wish to install Xampp on an HP server, in Windows 2003 server SP2, to be able to use OCS Inventory and GLPI for my company.

The installation occurs well but when I try to connect me on the http://localhost/xampp (or https), the page does not take care. I checked well that there was no other software which parasitized the http port (80 - IIS for example), the firewall is disable and I decontaminated my antivirus time to test (DrWeb).

I already installed Xampp on other stations (for private use) and I did not have this problem. There is something in my network which does not go.

Can you help me?
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Re: Problem with Xampp

Postby JonB » 13. December 2010 16:20

Since you wrote 'localhost', I can assume you are trying to connect from the console?

What browser are you using? If it is Internet EXplorer, your problem very linkely is the protected mode for Windows Server. :shock:

Install Firefox on the server, and the problem will likely disappear.

Good Luck

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