XAMPP on a shared folder

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XAMPP on a shared folder

Postby alessandro0751 » 07. December 2010 12:23

Hi all.
This is my first topic here. Hope you can help me.
I created a nice (according to me :lol: ) site to access informations for my office, using xampp.
All is working perfectly on my pc.
But now I have this problem: I should put xampp and my web based application on my office server, but I can only access to a shared folder.
Is it possible to put all the xampp folder on that shared folder and make everyone connect to it?

Thank you.
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Re: XAMPP on a shared folder

Postby JonB » 08. December 2010 23:01

FWIW - NORMALLY - the way you 'share' a websever is to point to it thought a browser address (like the local IP of the machine XAMPP is loaded on)

i.e. (presuming that the XAMPP server is on that local IP)

By default XAMPP is configured to work that way without changes. You probably should no have the XAMPP machine on DHCP, it should have a fixed local IP.

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