cannot access localhost from another computer on the network

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cannot access localhost from another computer on the network

Postby gavrd1 » 01. December 2010 18:49

hi everyone

ive been using xampp for a little while now althought must admit have never gone into depth much with it other than just configuring the basic set up for what i need.

i have a very basic setup with a pc and a laptop both running windows 7 of which all my websites are stored on the pc and so therefore that is what i use the localhost on mainly and so should give me chance to view them on. eg. "http://localhost/testsite" if viewed at from itself or "http://pccomputer/testsite" if viewed from the laptop. in the past this has always worked fine.

however, back then the pc was running vista and the laptop xp and it always worked, but now, i am on windows 7 for both. it is just a simple peer-to-peer setup with filesharing enabled on bother which works fine except viewing the localhost doesnt. i can view a computer own localhost through my web browser fine, but not from the other machine.

i have xampp installed on both machines and the same happens whichever way round i view them. i wondered if this could be down to windows 7 or just configuration of xampp? i am not using a windows 7 homegroup, just normal peer to peer sharing

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