xxamp is freaking out

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xxamp is freaking out

Postby Matt-Sanchez » 22. November 2010 23:12

Everytime I use Xxamp by click Apache or Mysql in 3 seconds, it stopped running
and when i try clicking them too together non of them run.
I even try reinstalling it but still is the same thing
and also funny is i did Port Check and all Mysql, Apache and mecury are free
and every 5 mins the XAMPP controll services from shell.
I will put screen shot of it.
All i wanted to make Habbo role play retro is that too much to ask :l
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Re: xxamp is freaking out

Postby JonB » 22. November 2010 23:17

Look in the Apache error log and post the 'bad thing' in your reply -


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Re: xxamp is freaking out

Postby dano » 23. November 2010 21:54

What version of windows are you running? and do you have all the patches and upgrades you can get for it.
We saw this problem until we did all the above.
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Re: xxamp is freaking out

Postby lfad » 23. November 2010 22:11

Same problem here... I tried with the lastest version, lite version and 1.72. Same problem in all of them
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