PPM doesn't work with perl installation provided with xampp

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PPM doesn't work with perl installation provided with xampp

Postby shinji » 08. February 2004 17:32

This is both a notice and a bug. PPM does not work with the ActivePerl install provided with XAMPP so therefore you will not be able to install additional modules with this method. One reason you would want PPM is for installing the Image::Magick perl module and get ImageMagick working in perl scripts. A workaround is to dump the contents of the perl folder and download and install an ActivePerl install into the folder. Unfortunately, this also ruins the mod_perl setup so you need to download and install mod_perl from perl.apache.org or comment out the lines referrring to perl58.dll, libxml2.dll, and mod_perl.so in Apache's httpd.conf so that mod_perl is disabled.
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I have an alternative...

Postby chanio » 11. February 2004 22:21

If you read other of my previous comments some month ago, you'll see that I have also tryied to unify this distro's perl with mine from AP.
I have found out that AP only installs by default in C:\Perl . So, I have ended using C:\Perl to keep all my PMs and only use D:\Xampp\perl for the shebang. Then I just add:
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use lib 'C:\perl\lin' , 'C:\perl\site\lib'; ##to get the PM read.

With ImageMagick there are some other problems. The dlls are not allways seen by some perl scripts originally created for LINUX.
There is a trick to have it all working well:
First install the win32 package from the IM site (it installs the dlls etc.) . It is better if you can install it where the program suggests...
:idea: Then you should do some tricks that have no logic, but works fine...
    * Image-Magick.ppd & the x86/ folder should be copied in c:\ (should be at the root to be seen)
    (read about it at http://www.dylanbeattie.net/magick/other_os.html )
    * copy all the CORE*.dll in c:\perl\bin .
    * copy all the IM*.dll (from the module dir) in the C:\imagemagick folder.
    * Add to the apache httpd.conf the following... PassEnv MAGICK_HOME
:idea: That I guess is a problem when compiling IM for windows.
Hope it helps!
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