Mercury server - retrieving mails that were already read

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Mercury server - retrieving mails that were already read

Postby lukasz.odulinsk » 20. November 2010 12:20

I set up a Mercury mail server and it works good. I have configured outlook to read my emails and there is no problem. Right now I have to read my emails from my personal laptop at home or from my business laptop at work. The issue is that when I check out my mailbox at work the emails that were downloaded to the laptop at work won't be available at home. So I won't be able to read them from home.
Is there a way to get those emails that were checked out on one computer and have them on the second one ??
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Re: Mercury server - retrieving mails that were already read

Postby JonB » 20. November 2010 15:00

A - this is really a Mercury Mail server issue, not a XAMPP one - so here's where to look (or post) if my suggestion below does not work-

B - sort of your answer - if your email client software supports it, check the box 'leave message' on server' (or something close) - check it on each of your machines you get mail on. You may have that box in the e-mail client, and it still may not work - not all Email servers support this option, it requires a particular message index algorithm (I can't remember at the moment, but its something with an 'a', I think :lol: .

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