MariaDB in XAMPP

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MariaDB in XAMPP

Postby Jashank » 19. November 2010 07:22


I've used XAMPP for a number of years now for WAMP. I was saddened by Oracle's acquisition of Sun (and therefore MySQL), but recently discovered the MariaDB system.

Will MariaDB be introduced into XAMPP?

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Re: MariaDB in XAMPP

Postby JonB » 19. November 2010 07:53

A personal opinion would be that the mariaDB is an awfully new fork. :shock:

For XAMPP - Right now I think the developers are busy trying to get all the bugs out of the 1.7.4 XAMPP -- which is built of very well-known and understood components -- and having a tricky time with that! :roll:

Another personal only opinion is that the mariaDB project is going to have a rough ride gaining real traction with the hosting community - and that will be the telling point for something like XAMPP - which is really host-it-yourself-to-move-it-to-a-host-later. Larry E doesn't like to lose, and I see a lot of movement and resources being spent on MySQL at the moment.

It will, for sure, be very interesting (and maybe terrifying) to watch this play out... I love it when big companies decide to duke it out, of course, they may also rain on my parade! ATM, Larry wants to fight with everyone - but mostly HP. I think HP shot itself in the foot pretty good, too bad...

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Re: MariaDB in XAMPP

Postby nimd4 » 02. June 2013 02:35

A bit l8 to the party, but what to do (I hope that you don't flak the people here for resurrecting, because what would be the point of having a forum then - a thing not readily agreed upon @ many other places).

JonB wrote:A personal opinion would be that the mariaDB is an awfully new fork.
While this may be entirely true (& unfortunately probably is, years of development flushed down the toilet by Oracle's greed), what are the options now for CMS engines, like Joomla and WordPress?!?? They have, basically, doomed us and half of the Internet; all going to hell in a hand basket?!??

Ah I read that as: "mariaDB is an awful new fork"; but, what is there to do: use mariaDB, pretending it's MySQL? :-0
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