XAMPP on a Web Server

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XAMPP on a Web Server

Postby aartone » 16. November 2010 12:59

I have installed XAMP in a web server.
Then I've installed WP, and locally it works good, but if I access the site from another location of the net (substituting "localost" with the IP of the local machine) I see the site in simple HTML
Anybody could help me?
thanks!!! :D
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Re: XAMPP on a Web Server

Postby Nobbie » 16. November 2010 13:54

aartone wrote:Then I've installed WP

When installing WP, you have been asked for the Servername, where you obivously entered "localhost". When you do so, you only can run WP locally from that PC. You should have entered the local IP instead, if you like to run it from different PCs.
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