XAMPP & ZendStudio (headers & client library mismatch)

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XAMPP & ZendStudio (headers & client library mismatch)

Postby nwebb » 15. November 2010 13:38

I've installed the latest versions of XAMPP (1.7.3) and ZendStudio 8 (
When I try to debug my scripts with ZendStudio, it generates the following warning for the mysqli_connect() method:
Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50145 Library:50018

It sounds like I may have different versions for my PHP executable and mysqli extension.

This build of XAMPP is using PHP Version 5.3.1
If I check out the PHP executables available to use in ZendStudio (preferences->PHP->Debug), the nearest match is PHP 5.3.3(CGI). I think this mismatch may be the cause of the error. Can anyone confirm and if so, does that mean manually reinstalling PHP rather than being able to use XAMPP?

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Re: XAMPP & ZendStudio (headers & client library mismatch)

Postby JonB » 15. November 2010 16:18

the answer, I think, is 'you are basically right'. I have an on-going love-hate deal with things Zend :mrgreen:

The most direct route for any thrid party framework is the standalone installation of the main components in the recommended versions (i.e. Apache, MySQL (or other DB) and PHP). It may turn out to be simpler. It also makes it easier to keep the 3rd party app happy, as you can change out components if you get a critical dependency.

I think Altrea is a bit of a Zend fan, maybe he can shed some light on this.


Zend Studio (contrary to their protestations) is really designed to run with the Zend Server. Its on my plan (when feeling sufficently masochistic) to try to get it running with XAMPP - but I will chose my moment.
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