shared htdocs folder

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shared htdocs folder

Postby gruant2000 » 13. November 2010 22:09

question.. I am trying to figure out how to set up so i can run off a shared folder.
on my desktop, i have standard xampp setup getting files from htdocs
i store all my sites in that folder , in their own folders
i set that folder as a shared folder for my network

i installed xampp on laptop
i want laptop xampp to use that htdocs folder on desktop for testing sites.
i tried setting the ServerRoot in httpd.conf(on laptop) to ServerRoot "DESKTOP-PC\htdocs\"
but that didn't work, any ideas ?
thank you
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Re: shared htdocs folder

Postby JonB » 14. November 2010 03:43

I'm still a little unsure why you actually want to have that shared DocumentRoot, cince you would have to be on the same network to run that way?.

Is it that you don't want the Apache server to be running on the first machine?,

Why not just use the XAMPP server on the first machine by accessing over the network???

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Re: shared htdocs folder

Postby gruant2000 » 14. November 2010 04:24

yeah thats what i figured out just a few minutes ago, got it all sorted now
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