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Views in PHpmyadmin

Postby hwalker1 » 11. November 2010 23:34

I created a site some years ago initially using Access and ASP, and when I switched to PHP I dowloaded and installed all components seperately (mysql, apache and phpmyadmin).
The web site uses 8 tables and an updatable query or view. The view is used to update the site via a home made cms system that I wrote, and still works fine today.
I needed to set up a different computer, and switch to the latest stable versions of PHP and MSQL. This time I use Xamp for windows verion 1.7.3 to do the setup.
I then downloaded the site pages and a database dump from the distant server, complete with data and structure.
The pages no longer work because for some reason, the view has not been imported along with the tables.
All the data for the 8 tables is there, but without the view, I cannot run the site locally without a total rewrite and risk of losing some of the 3200 records, nor can I update the database with the cms system.

Does the Xampp system support views, or do I have to make changes to ini files or add extensions in order to use them? Or does a dump not include them?
I do have the original query that created the view, but I cannot work out how to re-create it using phpmyadmin, despite reading the instructions in the help file.
Can anyone help?
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Re: Views in PHpmyadmin

Postby JonB » 12. November 2010 01:09

As long as the database and table names are the same, its my belief you should be able to directly import the VIEW - its just SQL Statements.

Read this - it may fix your problem directly - ... ldump.html

If noi, then we go to the trenches, LOL...


BTW - there are more ways to skin a cat, and all that.
You might want to learn the MySQL CLI and its tools - since they do away with all things web-server related. That's an option when you are running your own server and can control things better.

The MySQL monitor (mysql.exe) is a raw SQL interface - very type or paste in the SQL - out comes the goodies.
Also worth attention is the LinuxCBT MySQL training series... quite dry, but also quite satisfying.
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Re: Views in PHpmyadmin

Postby hwalker1 » 12. November 2010 14:37

Thanks for your post which looks as though it may be very useful.
Learning the MySQL cli is a good suggestion and is fine if you are likely to use it on a regular basis.
I wrote one web site using it and PHP some 4 years,in about six weeks, never having studied either before, so it did not seem that the effort would justify the results at the time.

I did study similar systems in the late 1970s, when I used to write database management systems on an Apple 2, but I have forgotten most of it by now.

However, as I am now asked to produce some more websites, PHP and MySQL looks like the way forward, so I have bought a book on the subject and will give it some study.
Thanks again, and I will add to this post to advise the solution to the problem.

Best wishes
Howard Walker
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